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This website was designed to address the niche for tour rating websites (Best viewed in Firefox/IE9/Safari/Opera). The website was launched in November 2011 and, as such, will take some time to mature.

The basic functionality of the website has already been tested but since the website is still under construction, you will notice certain improvements regarding the look and functionality of

Things to Know

The use of this website is currently open and free for everyone. We do however ask that you remain civil in your reviews (i.e. suitable for all ages). The ultimate purpose of is to provide a platform for travellers to gather information and insight into the respective operations and modus operandi of the various tour operators to be able to make the best possible decision before parting with your hard earned cash!! Please feel free to voice your concerns about any bad experiences, but please be objective and fair in your review - the posts and reviews will not be moderated and will be available for all to see. Tour Operators will be able to see their ratings, reviews and complaints and they will be offered the opportunity to respond to them on this platform.

Who is everyone and what can you do?

Anonymous User
Anyone who uses the website has the ability to view the various tour companies and their details, reviews and ratings.

Registered User
You can register for free on Registration is fast and only requires a user name, password and email address. Your email address will be kept private and will only be used in the event that you have forgotten your password - that is to say we will not contribute to your spam folder. As a registered user you gain the ability to contribute to the ratings and reviews of the various different companies.

Tour Company User
If you are the owner of a tour company you can register your company here. Registration is free (and will remain so). Various other functionalities will become available at a later stage after the website has matured. You need to bookmark or visit this page frequently to be able to respond to any negative ratings you receive. Please email if you would like to reply to any posts.

Nothing to lose...

Feel free to start browsing the website by following the links above. You can login or register from any page by using the link in the top right corner of the page.

The Fine Print...

BE WARNED - We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for fake reviews policy in place!

For Tour Companies/Tour Operators:
Biased reviews or ratings on by any Tour Company/Operator affiliate, employee or third party supllier on behalf of the respective Tour Companies/Operators will result in the immediate suspension of your account and you will not be able to respond on our site to any negative feedback. We therefore strongly advise against writing your own reviews to enhance your ratings. Visit your Company's page for your business to see how you can better present information of your Company on the site and to be able to respond timeously to feedback left by your clients.
Please email us if you have any concerns or want to log an incident of a false review in order for us to investigate.

For Users or Clients: also has a strict policy in place to guard against fraudulent reviews. This site is meant to help both supplier and end user - therefore do the right thing and be fair and honest! If we are made aware of fraudulent reviews we will investigate and if found to be false we will remove the review, take steps to monitor any further reviews from the user and ultimately remove the user from our site.